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IWC Big Pilot Replica

The novel piece by the brand led by Pascal Raffy shows a new take on one of the most respectable complications in the world of horology, the perpetual calendar. Its distinguishing feature is the fact that it reverses a common layout and offers a novel approach on the calendar's indications. Moreover, the watch is set in the Amadeo case which allows its transformation to a pocket watch or a table clock. More importantly, it also means that the watch has another face on its rear side. The second face is made with an off-centered dial and with another seconds display on the same axis. IWC Big Pilot Replica 1822 Virtuoso VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar timekeeper comes in red and white gold housings which can both be coupled with a white or a black dial. These four variants cost around $71,000. Finally,IWC Big Pilot Replica each piece in the quartet of basic versions can be upgraded with a diamond-encrusted bezel on one of its two supported faces. The limited edition timekeeper stems from the Amadeo Fleurier Complication series and it is made in 100 copies in each of its eight variants.

The First DialIWC Big Pilot Replica 1822 Virtuoso VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar has a clever design that turns the common representation of the perpetual calendar features upside down. Unlike the usual setup where the time is shown on the periphery, here it takes the central place. This feature is based on the fact that reading of the time is quite easy even when the size of the analog display is diminished. The central part of the first face is thus reserved for a lacquered dial with applied Roman numerals and cathedral-shaped hands. Around this indication, there is a ring with a retrograde scale that is used to tell the current date. It is paired with a hand which travels under the central dial. This way the wearer can only see its blue triangular tip that shows to the appropriate position. Naturally,Omega Replica Watches this enhances the reading of the time.

The calendar indications for the day of the week and the current month are respectively placed on left and right side of the date ring. They are painted on sapphire discs that revolve and the current one is shown with the means of a colored plate that highlights it. This way, it was possible to reveal the functioning of the movement even further which underlines the mechanical excellence of the piece.

Furthermore, the first face of the watch also includes a small seconds scale on the bottom, as well as an indication that shows whether it is a leap or a common year on the opposite side.

The Second FaceAs if it the listed set of features of IWC Big Pilot Replica 1822 Virtuoso VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar was not enough, there is also another face. Like the premier one, this also has the same type of a dial which is reduced in size. The only difference is that it is in this case off-centered and placed on the top of the face. Once again, there is likewise a seconds counter on the bottom which moves in a traditional clock-wise direction. This impressive feature that allows the watch to have two seconds counters on its two sides is enabled with a seconds chassis mechanism. Finally, there is also a power reserve display at the nine o'clock position located that shows the remaining state of the watch's impressive storage that lasts for as much as five days.